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Network Virtualization the Easy Way

The Cost-Effective Approach to Virtualizing Your Critical Infrastructure

Network virtualization comes with a host of benefits, including reduced operating costs and flexibility for multiple industries such as energy production, industrial, manufacturing, medical, telecommunications, and more. These benefits are why so many firms have been experimenting with virtualized solutions.

But what happens when you move from the lab to a live deployment? Do you know what it will really take to deploy, or what your production system will look like once you’ve virtualized?

Our series, “Network Virtualization the Easy Way,” looks at a number of scenarios to help you better understand the benefits of virtualization, and how you can do it in the most cost-effective way.

Wind River Titanium Cloud Delivers a Simplified, Cost-Effective Approach to the Installation, Operations, and Maintenance of Virtualized Critical Infrastructure

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Titanium Cloud transforms your cloud installation from something that is time-consuming and confusing to something that is simple, repeatable, and predictable.

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Now your new cloud platform is installed, and you’re ready to move from deployment to operations. You trust that Titanium Cloud™ is built to be secure and ultrareliable, but what does that mean exactly, and how do you verify it?

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Titanium Cloud provides system-wide updates that are risk-free and completely transparent to end customers, who see no service degradation or downtime.

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